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Dances and Paintings:
Love Poems

Breathing Together: Sketches of You and Me

Stillness and Motion, Me and You

Dripping Leaves



"I will be a raindrop and
a tiger," she said.
"And I," said he
"will be a me-rocket
and a thee-rocket
twinned side-by-side."


Imagine me menagerie


HyperLife: A Life in Hypertext

Prefaces and Introductions Without End

BabyBoom - cresting the wave of the century

The Boys in the Park - coming of age in the late sixties

Stephen King Through Rose-Colored Eyes - was it the great man himself?

The Meaning of Life - or, a walk through the meadow grass

Of Ducks, Trucks and Bucks - tweaking the homestead economy

Trumped in Peckerdom - caught in a nonviolent rebellion of Quebec Inuit




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