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"A unified physical, psychological, or symbolic configuration having properties that cannot be derived from its parts"

A therapy for homepage browsers?


choice>utopia honest journalism vidliteracy
fate/harmony humor, depth chaos/survival
balance humble engagement evolution:
self-defined success aesthetic integrity outer/inner
(vs. aloof escape) accessibility world/tribe consciousness
common happiness originality/freshness pers.growth,sharing
(vs. anxiety, burnout) timely vs. trendy governing mythos
core issues, relationship live exploration pers./grp.integrity
self-transcendence fictional persona threshold: now
karmic patterns tailor to audience thought-group:"we
learning by exp. and theme are everywhere"
patience\compromise flexibility love vs. fear imagery
power of manifestation spirit is all"everything is political"
overplanning,ambition enthusiasm info overload
spiritual/aesthetic materialism narrative drama technomagic

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