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HomoSapiens X.Y

Is this hardware or software?

The next generation.

The new improved . . .

Will it ever end?

"It's just beginning.

The developers have called this project

the first self-generating software . . .

the first software which modifies and creates

its own hardware."

Beginning with bones.

Sticks, hide, stones.

Bear grease and bat droppings.

Tiny flint teeth fixed on wood-blade

scythes for wild seed harvests.

Today, bear meat still on my plate.

Grains of millet, peppers, sea salt.

"The sound of ocean waves, digitalized.

Dreams, monitored on-screen.

The newest version will surpass all known standards

of performance in a number of critical areas."

In the shadows, clack

old teeth, tired bones,

longing for the drugs of nature,

a death of choice. We go forward, holding

false hands, smiling in pixels.

Earth-tide, rising, falling.

Desert sands spreading, millet no more.

Forests falling, bear no more.

Bones crumbling, flint falling out of use.

It's sand now, silicon everywhere:

"the carbon version is seen

to become soon


© Nowick Gray

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