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Internet Slowdown Blues

During a slowdown the other night of my daily, much-of-the-dayly Internet connection, I suddenly wondered: what would we all do without this major fix (I mean, addiction)? I saw strange visions of neighbors talking in the streets, because they had to get out of the house; the TV just doestn’t do it anymore. We have all been weaned on TV and schooled in the Internet. Now what do we do when school is over?

What this vision holds is also the end of suburban barbeques. No more Perry Como, or even Marilyn Monroe. It’s beyond Elton John and into Apocalypse Now territory, LA Freeway style. The SUVs still running will be prioritized for National Security purposes. Water will be bought and sold on the black market. Some will have slabs of meat in the basement, curing.

Is there a flower vision too in all this chaos of chimp rewiring? A docile tribe, somewhere ruminating on the next and last breath? Earnest carrot weeders and fly fisherwomen, savvy in the hungry hills? An Internet archive society, with rogue software and hardware, hacking code like crazy to simulate survival? As if the *.1 version is going to hack it ...


BlackBerry Blues

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