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by Nowick Gray, Editor of Alternative Culture Magazine

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Farouche Speaks

I want to speak to you today about the work I embrace, the work I call the real work, of living as a whole. In the particulars, there are too many to embrace. So that makes me a mystic, no?

I have to ask, both rhetorically and as a personal query to you my listeners, as well as to myself, for honesty: What is more relevant than the unity of the whole? The hazy spring sun outside, the fact that I am still inside, the individuality of my thoughts or yours, our disparate distractions, our intentions and waylaid decisions, our notes from lectures twenty years ago, our report cards, our vacation photos, our daydreams along the trail, our momentum on the underside of this or any list, the way our breath breaks when we wonder too hard?

"So I continue": repeating this mantra; matting the long grass underfoot with each cautious step. Or I run more merrily, skipping even, transcending this earth if I pause to consider the whole of the expanding universe as but a half-breath, and to take it from there?

How could anyone hurry? There are, oh, so many more faces, facts, fractions and facets to follow. Since they can only be considered one by one, or by degrees of synthesis tending only toward the all-in-one...

So the mystic says.
The autocrat says shut up, I got work to do.
The editor says we'll take another look at it and then take it up with the committee.
The marketer says step right up, folks, get yer red hot...

And so I continue, in this melange or menagerie, in a setting decidedly farouche, as the French say--just this side of sauvage.

The bottom line is this:
Do what needs to be done, at each moment.

Begin with the emotional charge, whether of unease or joy. Being led by the one question, "What do I have to say," you give yourself to the story: your story, the story around you, and if you want to be on more intimate terms, then the story deeper inside you. The story is thus allowed to unfold; the text emerges effortlessly, or cautiously, as it will, to tell you in its terms what you are trying to say. At every point (or perhaps every other point; not even the mystic can say for sure) your questioning voice will ask again if your intention is being well manifested. If not, do what needs to be done.

Need a glass of water? Go for it.

Some water, naturally, will pass under the bridge of your officers' corps, and that's all to the good, when your jars are already full to overflowing. Then, if your name is or is in the neighborhood of Now, you turn to what you intend (and are 100% willing, through systematic work habits) to do, in the best possible humor, and in so doing to actually contemplate manifesting the mutual value represented by that strange condition known as "getting paid for it." Thus, but by way of disclaimer I make no absolute guarantee that you will, however stating unequivocally by my experience and projection of faith that, you may realize the capacity to:

These, in other words more or less precise, are what I promise to do in this prose, no more no less.

The foregoing, in whole or in part, is intended purely but not exclusively as a Preface and Introduction to my own HyperLife which however radiates out and beneath to encompass and plumb all I encounter or imagine, to be sung to a decidedly Hylife beat. It might be configured as a digital lit-spa, monikered Journal-ism and Other Online Parties (strictly uncommercial)--or construed as a workshop outline, "Helping each other to realize our fullest potentials"--a virtual vortex within the wider uncorporate divisions of Cougar WebWorks and its sponsored cat-child, Alternative Culture Magazine.

Here (or there) we offer:

comprising an array of eclectic content to cover a full range of alternatives in an emerging culture.

Think ahead.
Consider the whole.
Do what you have to do.

© Nowick Gray

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