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Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation

video by Gregg Braden--a review

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Last night I sat for four hours and watched a presentation by Gregg Braden at the Seattle Center in 1995, about the changes in the earth and in human awarenesses that are converging at the turn of the millennium. He brought so many diverse factors into play that it was, and still is, difficult to keep a logical sense of them all together. This was a more condensed, and in some ways a looser interpretation of many of the same areas explored by Drunvalo Melchiezidek in his much longer Flower of Life workshops: sacred geometry, crop circles, earth electromagnetism, alien presences, the pyramids, sacred sites and ancient mystery schools. Gregg puts a larger emphasis on the emotional challenges we face now through our relationships, and ties this realm of evolution to the changes in the earth.

We can look forward to a reversal of the earth's magnetic poles, perhaps even the direction of rotation. The earth may stand still for a couple of days in the transition. Many people will not be able to cope well psychologically with these changes, will simply shut down and attempt to remain unconscious. Others will be challenged to confront our fears and to move past them to the vibration of love, one more in harmony with the resonance of the heart and the earth. These relationships are documented by Gregg in terms of real physics, electromagnetic measurements, graphs and examples such as the formation of loose particles of sand into geometric filigrees with different sound frequencies. With each example there is a connection drawn, or demonstrated, but not explored with scientific thoroughness. Instead, he jumps to the next topic, the next aspect of the change, and we are brought along to believe or not, as we are able.

The progression of thought in such a presentation is non-linear: in this respect it is entirely appropriate to the subject at hand, which has more to do with fractal and holographic models of reality than with the more familiar three dimensions we are used to. Gregg guides us through the realm of mystery, of intuition and feeling, where indeed the work is being done that needs to be done. No more, he says, is it necessary to undertake rituals in the sacred temples: we are training in the crucible of our daily relationships here and now, wherever and however on earth we happen to live.

The emotional realm is then seen as a kind of alchemical laboratory, by which the human being trains itself to resonate in harmony with the cosmos. The two realms, the human and planetary, are converging at a point called "zero point," roughly analogous to the endpoint of the Mayan calendar in the year 2012, in which the collapsing magnetic field and slowing rotation of the earth coincide with a rising electromagnetic pulse frequency which earth shares with the human heart. Gregg even suggests that the heart's frequency, tied to our emotional state, has a reverse influence on the earth itself. The main lesson, he says, we have to learn is to reduce the charge with which we experience our emotions.

The culmination of evidence presented hovers around the crop circles. He likely chooses these not so much for any logical conclusion they demonstrate, but rather for the precise beauty of their design, the sheer wonder of their construction. Appearing in every part of the world where major crops of cereal grains are grown, they do not damage the crop but merely bend the stalks (at a 51 degree angle) to create the desired pattern. Images appear of the Pleiades, of the 21 fragments hitting Jupiter, of a portion of our Milky Way galaxy, of the flower of life mandala, and so on, indicating an extraterrestrial perspective. Without any firm clues as to meaning, the implication is that the timing of these appearances is significant in drawing our attention to a new awakening.


If the tone of this review is rather flat, it's because I have difficulty dealing with all of this information coherently. It's all I can do to remember and repeat some of it. What does it all mean? Can we expect some of the specific changes, such as the pole reversal, to in fact happen in the near future? Certainly the geologic record supports it happening again sometime, as it has already 14 times in the last 4.5 million years: the record in the undersea strata is clear. So what? The so-what in Gregg's view is to increase our conscious growth in the emotional realm, to improve the quality of our relationships. Great-good idea, as the Inuit says. We're doing that, for sure. This is the age of self-help and communication skills. There are documented earth changes: increased seismic activity, even longer days. Solar storms, increasing. Earth climate changes.

In short, there is one big synchronicity afoot. That is to say, everything's happening at once. As it always does. The trick is to figure out what it all means. Or indeed, if there's a need to give it meaning.

Clearly the sages always counsel improving our own emotional state, and the quality of our relationships. This is the inner work and the outer work of being human, of evolving, transcending, resurrecting. The earth changes, the sun and planets and stars and galaxies? That's a backdrop, a stage for the human drama. I suppose the main awareness to be gained from a presentation like Gregg's is to integrate the macrocosmos more closely with our own playacting. To see the stage as alive, as part of the cast. This is a new kind of ecology; or rather, not new, but more comprehensive than the save-a-tree movement. It's a new, scientifically elaborated version of the ancient principle, As Above, So Below.

Yes, this is an exciting principle. Maybe my emotion about it, for the moment at least, simply has too little charge. Or maybe emotion is more properly applied to human interactions, and our relations with heavenly bodies have the quality of more esoteric forms of joy and love. In the book Conscious Loving by Gay and Kathryn Hendricks, a map of emotions puts love outside the frame containing all the rest. There is a kind of hierarchy aligning with chakras, the way I interpret it: moving from sexual feelings, fear, anger and rage, up into sadness and hurt, to excitement and joy. Love aligns with the crown chakra, which is the gate from human being to cosmic being. When we experience human love, our heart beats with the earth and our spirit soars: we become enlarged, our self boundaries expanding to limitless dimensions. Likewise when we contemplate the immensity of space and time and existence itself, we transcend the "lesser" more limiting human emotions, and become open to the flow of universal connection, which finds its way into our lives in the form of personal union, of human love.

There is wisdom here only sketched in grain fields, glimpsed in the passing of a video. Four hours? Where is it now? We are here.

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