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     United 93

Whistleblower reports being present when order was given to shoot down flight 93

film review

This is a powerful, emotional movie, from beginning to end.  There is no fluff, just a “straight” storyline (the hijacking of the airliner that crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001), with well-spaced cuts to two major side-scenes (air traffic control and NORAD control).  There is just enough “straight reporting” as well of the confusing signals that went on in those communication centers to cast doubt on the efficiency of America’s air defense network, leaving open the unstated possibility of tampering from above.

As a confirmed skeptic of the governement’s official conspiracy theory about the nature of the “terrorist” plots and events, I was pleasantly surprised to see at least the possibility of a more insidious conspiracy offered between the lines. Of course, the overriding premise and events of the film are presented in alignment with the official story--notwithstanding the context of public opinion which has been polled in excess of 50% believing the US government bears some guilt of complicit or active involvement in those tragic events.

Given the charged politcal sensitivity of these underlying issues of truth and falsity, the film’s graphic action and continual suspense produced an adrenaline rush that was tinged, for me, with an indefinable proportion of lingering rage at the even greater monstrosity of the crimes than has yet been agreed upon.

Besides the fundamental premise of Arab hijackers (note: Saudi, not Iraqi or Afghani, even in the official version), there are other aspects of the official story, such as the “heroic” storming of the cockpit, and the absence of nearby interceptor fighters, that are accepted here at face value despite much conflicting evidence from independent sources (see links below).  A key and patent falsehood presented as fact was the stated need for Presidental or Vice Presidential authority in the “Rules of Engagement” for intercepting hijacked planes, which flies in the face of actual standing practice to intercept, engage, and shoot down such planes if necessary without additional authorization.

All in all, as painful as it was to watch this film on all these levels of tragedy, it’s good to see that the events of that day, however they are interpreted, have not passed into mere history.  The still fresh presence of strong feelings insures that such will be continue to be the case, until official and mass denial gives way to eventual justice. 

For an impeccably researched comparison of the "official conspiracy theory" with a more comprehensive examination of motive and means, see Michael C. Ruppert’s groundbreaking best-seller, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the Amercian Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

Here is a list of the best online sources of information about 9/11, much of it providing confirmed evidence at odds with the offical government story of what happened on 9/11:

The same site (Serendipity) also features ongoing current and most recent articles on this and related subjects: well as links to related articles on other sites:

Another site packed with up-to-date research, actions, information, resources and and links is access for example to the following documentary:

Connecting the Dots: Review of free video documentary, Press for Truth

And finally to the point of this particular story within a story, here are a few articles addressing both the myths and mysteries of Flight 93:

Whistleblower reports being present when order was given to shoot down flight 93

9/11 Live or Fabricated: Do the NORAD Tapes Verify The 9/11 Commission Report? by David Ray Griffin

Flight 93 cockpit recording is a hoax

The 9/11 Commission's Incredible Tales: Flights 11, 175, 77, and 93

Read at the peril of your blissful ignorance--if you are in the minority who still has any.

--Nowick Gray

Why Saddam Had to Go - by Greg Palast - "It's not about getting the oil, it's about controlling oil's price."

Connecting the Dots: 5 Years, 5 days, and Counting... - Review of free video documentary, Press for Truth

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