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Path of Empowerment:

Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos
--by Barbara Marciniak

This is an important, powerful and timely book, written by a compassionate and eloquent author. Whether that author is actually Barbara Marciniak or, as she claims, a channelled entity from the Pleiades star system, is really beside the point.

When I read Marciniak's Bringers of the Dawn a decade ago, that premise of channelling was both attractive as an exotic charm and offputting as a source of doubt and disbelief. My response to the latest book, however, is wholly positive on the basis of the undeniable wisdom that courses through every page.

The central message of the book is that we are in charge of manifesting the highest and best reality of which we are capable--and that we are capable of far more than we ordinarily give ourselves credit for. Universal consciousness and the creative power it represents is our birthright, and to neglect or deny it under the onslaught of manipulative mass media is, while understandable, not a good enough excuse anymore for standing by helplessly, in a state of disempowerment and despair, as world events spiral out of control.

We can each, and by extension, collectively, control the quality and direction of our destiny by larger awareness and more deeply grounded choices. The wisdom presented here has less to do with esoteric astral lore than it does with basic human qualities of life-affirming common sense. Marciniak provides advice that is both practical (concerning diet and cleansing, for example) and uplifting. The result is a comprehensive manifesto for both personal and social change--social change that will flow naturally from the necessary shifts in personal awareness and political choice.

The analysis of current events such as 9/11 and the Iraq war is pointed, yet nonpartisan. For example:

The technique of producing mass trauma to control people has been used time and time again. The fraudulent creation of an enemy is an old ploy used to foster fear and to intentially create instability in order to divide and conquer the natural brilliance that resides in each human being. Humankind is fast awakening to the challenging test of questioning the purpose of existence, and in many ways the traumas and dramas that fill your world open the fast track to higher consciousness. When faced with chaos, turmoil, and sudden, shocking, and surprising change, the core of an individual's spiritual essence advances....Remember, when you abdicate your role of responsibility in creating your life, you create others who will control it for you. The deceitful mechanizations behind the events of 9/11 are an example of a classic ritual working of dark magic as an attempt to control and manage time--to distort it, to make a trap, and to lead as many people as possible through the portal of fear by means of planned media programming. Events can always be orchestrated; however, the outcome cannot be predetermined, for the uncertainty principle reigns, and in any moment the freedom to choose prevails.

Did the entity or Marciniak herself mistake the word "mechanizations" above for the more sensible but obscure word, "machinations"? Maybe it was just an error in translation. This clue suggests that the author is not all-knowing in every detail and nuance of human affairs--the use of language, for instance. She's probably just human, after all. Even so, this channel to higher human consciousness is about as clear as it gets--and urgently refreshing in this time of unparallelled assaults on true, as opposed to Orwellian-reversed, values of democracy and freedom.

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