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Healing with Qualities: The Essence of Time Therapy

by Manuel Schoch

review by Nowick Gray

I was slow to finish this book, which is probably a good thing. It is a book to savor, to let grow on you and in you. For me it perfectly dovetailed with the growth and deepening of relationship with a partner who naturally embodies much of the wisdom that mystic Manuel Schoch articulates. This articulation, in simple language that builds on itself with repetition, has been necessary for my own fuller understanding and appreciation of core lessons regarding interpersonal communication, feelings of sadness and bliss, love and sharing.

Schoch's style is elliptical yet direct. Each statement serves as a rich one-liner, yet depends on the whole for full understanding and resonance of meaning. His core vocabulary itself is simple: sadness, stillness, love, time, consciousness, awareness, fear, energy, thought, freedom, insecurity, dying, birth. But the picture he builds is fresh, because these concepts are given meanings that are largely the opposite of the way we normally think of them in our ego-limited patterns of thinking and living. And while the approach is original, the message echoes again and again the mystical traditions of Buddhism and Christianity, as distinguished from the more conventional terrain of organized religious doctrine.

This is a handbook for stepping out of our habitual and shallow personal limitations, and into the deep wells of being which we share with the rest of creation. The act of reading and digesting serves as a primary spiritual practice which will likely resonate with any open-minded reader in their ongoing life experience, as it has for me over the last several months. This is quality time, time well spent coming closer to our true qualities and potentials for growth and evolution.

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