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Strange Yoga | Strange Funk

Axel on keys, with E. Neptune and Triamigos:

All Night Blues



Strange Funk - Strange Moon

Strange Funk merges the dance-floor punch of classic 60's and 70's style funk with bassy rock and African and Latin drums and percussion. This Afro-funk tribal fusion also samples the the jazz-blues and dub-reggae spectrum, in a chronological foray into four years of Strange Moon improvisations in the key of, make that a capital F. Strange Moon is E. Neptune, Nowick Gray, Axel F. and Bernie-man (plus Tamara Sunsong, vocals on "Gansama").

"Chocolate Funk": play (left-click) or download (right-click) free mp3 file.

Strange Funk, Disc 1

1. Church Funk (9:25) - Moonrise
2. You’re All Right (9:57) - Moonrise
3. Toad Rock (17:55) - Bon Voyage
4. Shovel the Dirt (12:16) -
      In the Land of the Cuckoo Tribe
5. Jabwok (8:43) -
      The Zonics Play the Itchyi Lounge
6. Gansama (6:47) - Migration

Strange Funk, Disc 2

1. Get Down Dub (5:53) - Reunion
2. Merry Funksters (8:09) - Reunion
3. Anthem (5:32) - Reunion
4. Chocolate Funk (5:16) - Strange Light
5. Get Down Clown Funk (10:40) - Pink Bubbles
6. Mototo (7:40) - Pink Bubbles
7. Pink Funk (7:27) - Pink Bubbles
8. Rainy Day Funk (6:57) - Pink Bubbles


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