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play sound Play Sound for Any Drum Rhythm

If the rhythm notation used here is unfamiliar to you, then you'll probably want to get started with some basic rhythms and pre-recorded drum beats. The Rhythm of the Week lessons now feature drum samples in midi, mp3 and streaming RealAudio formats, for download or live play online.

Many of these rhythms are taken from the 80-page collection of rhythms for hand drum and percussion, Roots Jam. For any rhythms in the book which don't appear online--or for any drumming beats that you'd like to hear with the help of digital audio--try out the following free drum samplers...your own online rhythm machine, in .wav or midi formats.

compose rhythms Compose and Hear Sound for Any Rhythm


1. Arrange this window alongside the window displaying a rhythm notation. (Click here for Basic drum rhythm samples and exercises)

2. Enter notation in the box below. Use "-" for rests (unplayed beats).

Tip: If you copy and paste rhythms from these Rhythm of the Week or the Roots Jam (digital version) pages, there will be extra blank spaces between beats. Don't worry about it. These aren't a problem because the program ignores them. Thus pasting "D - G - " will have the same effect as typing "D-G-".

MIDI Rhythm Generator
Custom Interface adapted from
and Jean Vaucher
Notation: '-' (hyphen) = rest ,   '.' = touch (ghost note).
              Extra spaces are ignored (so "x-x-" = "x - x - ")
    Djembe: D,G (Bass), d,g (rim), T,P (Slap)
    DunDun,Sangban,Kenkeni: X (normal), B (bass), O (open), M (muted)
    Bells:  x or X (regular), L (Low), H (High) 
    Shaker, Clave:  x or X
Choose parts:

Type or paste notes (use "-" for rests)
Short phrases (4 or 6 beats) repeat to equal longer phrases (8 or 12 beats).
Example below: "Tiriba"...


   Custom sounds:

Specify the midi sounds for each letter as follows: "letter":"intrument # [: vol ] - volume range 1-127, default 80-100.
See Midi drum map for numbers to use (best results with #35-76).

   Tempo (beats/min):
  MIME Type:


Also try the dotcom-studio drum generator below!


Bass Drum
HiHat Close
HiHat Open
Rim Shot

Above resources found on Panta Rei's Bellydance Page

Order ROOTS JAM: Collected Rhythms for Hand Drum & Percussion

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