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Free self-help guidance, inspiration, channelings and quotes for spiritual growth, conscious evolution and awareness.

Beyond duality, are you ready for the third way, the sacred spiral?
Integrating achievement and practice, in spiritual and everyday terms
Revelations at the yogic flying hall of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Down the rabbit hole; into the labyrinth (fact/fiction, good/evil, evolution/intervention); and out the other side
Music for yoga practice, or calming background music
A fourth level of consciousness to integrate unity and peace in everyday life.
A Course for Living the Direct Experience of Your Eternal Nature

... Prickle feelings in spirituality and holistic medicine, by Floco Tausin

... from the Galactic Federation
... from the book Radical Peace: People Refusing War
... by HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
... an antidote to the spiritual isolation of the mainstream paradigm
... a simple and powerful meditation exercise
... blog from The Seeker's Manual
... a website offering practical advice about lucid living
... review of two new books
... download free mp3s
...12 tips for surviving and thriving during Mercury retro
...where and How Can We See Parallel Worlds of Sri Aurobindo
...wisdom on the fly
... frequently asked questions about life, reality and meaning
...academic papers by Ken Tupper
...part 2 of Getting to 2012
...Ross Bishop article on the bubble of ego and fear, vs. God Space
...a 10-day silent meditation retreat
...notes toward the end of time
...particles, waves, I am that and other favorite things
...concerning the illusion(s) of the ego
...where spirit meets nature
The Untethered Soul
...15 gem-like essays on the Journey Beyond Yourself
Healing | Sacrifice
...excerpts from Ross Bishop's Journey to Enlightenment
Paradigm-Busters of Stan Grof's When the Impossible Happens
Going With Love of Stan Grof's The Ultimate Journey
The Twelve Principles
...simple, eloquent, unarguable (you would think)
Declaration of Freedom
...personal, political, spiritual: it's all about freedom
Eclectic and Inspiring Astrology
...wide range of long-distance consultation services from the best in the business!
...why Jesus would disown Christianity (a book summary)
...can cats follow Chopin, or dogs pray to St. Francis?
...introduction to Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness book by Judith Wright puts you on the path to "More"
...tapping into the collective unconscious, for real
...maybe it's not what's new that counts, but novelty itself
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...choose your own religion...or rather, let your own religion choose you, by filling out this questionnaire. The results will surprise you!
...essays on entheogens and religion (book review)
...a guided visualization homage still overdue
...down to earth, everyday wisdom
...current favorites (Feb 2000)
...inspiration from Robert Muller and Michael Ventura
...The Mayan Oracle speaks
...chakras, tools for transformation

Recommended Readings

...cutting edge, new age, spirit healing, soulwork

Awakening to Zero Point of Braden video, earth and human changes

Buddhist Handbook

...beyond ritual and ceremony

Quotes of the Moment, Week, Month

...notable words to attune by

Physics, Politics and Prophecy

...challenges posed by Peter Russell and Jerry Mander

The Four Sacred Things healing by Starhawk

A Tantra of Zogqen

...coda from pre-Buddhist shamanism

Timewave Zero

...Terrance McKenna's countdown continues

Quotes by Chakra

...choice quotes for each realm


...glimpse into the still mirror

Balancing choices for all the chakras


...a personal perspective

forest pools

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