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The Portal of Transcendence*

I am beyond yet within, above yet below, the unknowable and the known, the seen and unseen. Journey into my formless potential. Merge with my emptiness and discover your fullness.

Come, child of the cosmos—you are being revealed in the forthcoming miracle! Enter the beckoning portal of the greater reality. Travel into the starry vastness in the greater constellation of self. Fulfill your yearning to merge with the one heart! Soar into the oneness of shared essence. Burst old bonds and limitations. Breathe the divine breath. Expand to include more of who you truly are. The portal of transcendence is the secret doorway you have long sought, the stargate through which new worlds are seeded.

Open now to ecstatic communion and the rapture and grace of unconditional love. Awaken to the joyful celebration in this realm where there is only love. Drink deeply of your homecoming. Experience the sublime bliss and unity found in the eternal present moment. Freed from separation, there is no doubt that you are love’s presence! Fully merge once again with the serene vibration of home. As you return home renewed and awakened, embody the joyful frequency of heaven on Earth. The new frequencies of the golden octave now dance within you in the splendor of the unified pulse. You are the conscious dreamer awakening the dream. Assist in the creation of the quantum leap that will catapult the Earth into a new spiral of being. You are the knower. You are the oracle. You are the love. There is no other!

   *excerpt from The Mayan Oracle     

         by Spilsbury and Bryner, p. 161

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