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  by Nowick Gray

First let’s get this straight:
I am not the t-word.

I am alternative means:
un-consumer weltanschaung


as opposed to P. R. Blitz
bandying sacrosanct terms:

good guys and bad guys
us and them
inviolable rights
national security
the march to war

as for the kingword:

its practitioners turn eyes blind
from its cruelest truths:


believing the cause of death, somehow,
writ holier than thou corpse.

“The Indians, wrote Senator Dawes of his Allotment Act, lacked ‘selfishness, which is at the bottom of civilization.’”*

* Ronald Wright, What is America: A Short History of the New World Order (Alfred A. Knopf Canada), p. 116, quoting Dawes in Janey B. Hendrix, “Redbird Smith and the Nighthawk Keetoowahs,” Journal of Cherokee Studies 8, no. 1 (Spring, 1983): 22-39.


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